The Midwest Center for Sleep Medicine is an Independent Diagnostic Facility (IDTF). This is a designation used in health care useful between the facility itself and it's insurance vendors that benefits patients seeking care. In a time where patients are assuming a more direct role as consumers since anytime since the 1940's, it is important to understand that shopping for quality cost effective care is in everyone's best interest.

Since our start, a little more than 10 years ago, the Midwest Center for Sleep Medicine has always been an IDTF. As such we are financially independent of any larger health care system. Being independent in this regard means that we have less ability to demand higher reimbursement from insurance vendors leading to much smaller agreed to rates and fees. In terms of cost, this means that we are much less expensive than any hospital based sleep center.

To discuss how this information relates to your specific situation, please call the center at 309-662-9997 and ask to speak with the center manager regarding this topic.